About Us

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Zeus Legacy Life.

I started this journey in 2020. I'm a married guy who loves his family. I wanted to start something that would keep me at home to spend as much time with my loved ones.

I believe that life is short and we need to cherish every moment with our loved ones. I currently work (doesn't matter where ;) ). I love my job, as I work with amazing people. It's a stressful job, just like everything we do these days. I would keep working there forever if I was living on my own and had no responsibilities at home. As a father, I don't want my kids watching daddy leaving the house all the time, working long hours, stressing at home over a situation that happened at work. I do my best to hide those emotions but I'm only human and some days I catch myself being zoned out and not paying attention at home. That's not fair to my family at all, if you ever catch yourself doing that, snap out of it and hug your loved ones.

I've always loved online shopping as I get too annoyed going to malls, trying on things, waiting in line, watching people get frustrated at the poor sales associate where they're only doing their job at a minimum wage. 

I love people, I love staying connected so I'm not sure how this will work out. However, I am confident about providing top notch customer support as I was raised not to judge anyone, as every person is going through something that I might not know of. I despise people who judge others!

I select unique products for my website; I only get things that I would buy for myself, my dog that just passed away, my kids, my gorgeous wife and our house.

Speaking of my dog, that's how I got inspired to create this site. I originally wanted to have a website to sell dog toys, treats and beds. Unfortunately, the quality I found wasn't the greatest. I kept researching day in and out but I wasn't happy with the end product. My vision was to sell great toys and quality treats but it was an impossible task as I did not want to charge the high margin that suppliers were asking for. Then I got inspired to do more, to sell different things and with that, I started Zeus Legacy Life. Yes, Zeus was my dog's name. He was a purebred European Boxer. He was a big boy who lived until he was 13 years old. We trained him while watching Cesar Millan videos & clips on youtube which helped us understand everything from a dog's perspective. Zeus was a happy dog, passed away on his favourite bed, in my arms. It was a sad day but I was happy for him as it was very peaceful and I knew he was free, chasing some poor rabbit in doggy heaven.

That's my journey, should you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me at info@zeuslegacylife.com and I will gladly answer to the best of my ability. If it's too personal, I'll let you know ;)


The ZLL Family.